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 Corcert in Madrid, Spain.

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PostSubject: Corcert in Madrid, Spain.   5th November 2011, 09:57

On the 12th I'm going to Madrid in concert with Apollo's Fire PJ!. It is the second concert I'm going to see live and I think a wonderful gift, the first time was in Oviedo, Max E. Les Arts Florissants Cencic not think it can be more beautiful than that. A little leery Apollo's Fire, because it is not Artaxerxes, or Spinosi or William Christie no , but ... I promise a little chronic. happy
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PostSubject: Re: Corcert in Madrid, Spain.   14th November 2011, 20:46

I let it sit for two days my impressions of the concert on 12 at the Teatro Real in
Madrid, and now, with a little more realistic perspective, I tell you how I lived through that recital.
1: I live very far from Madrid, but that I have found no downside to going to see and hear PJ: his voice drags me like in the story of the Brothers Grimm for children to drag the music of the Pied Piper of Hamelin and If he could go anywhere in the world to hear.
2: They had enough confidence with the baroque orchestra from Cleveland, but except for the first time, has been a delightful surprise to find musicians spectacular, vital, full of joy of making music with a sense of the baroque spirit which has left me perplexed : Concerto for 2 cellos in G minor, RV 531 and Trio Sonata in D minor, "La Follia" were dazzling. And (most importantly for me at this concert) when accompanied Philippe, an atmosphere around him so attentive to his voice, so their service, which completely put me on your part. Thanks "Apollo's Fire"!.
3: And he. His mere appearance on the stage made me beat the heart of an absurd way, but it's true, because I always feel afraid that his voice will break or fail in a note. Nothing happened that, of course, but I perceived very clearly that he was tired (My God, these continuous movement from one continent to another!) and his voice was resented in some mysterious way: was equally beautiful, equally tender (God, what a "Ho expensive personal il ben" so exquisite!), just as irresistible, but ... my heart reaches far and on the verge of exhaustion.
Nobody seemed to notice this but me, the whole theater shook with each of his arias and the heat of "Bravo!" And applause enveloped him with a wave of love so intense that he should feel it physically. I felt grateful to all who were in the theater and a little sad for me. The memory of the January concert in Oviedo, with Les Arts Florissants and Max E. Cencic filled me with melancholy.
I think this is what it felt like Suzi in UCONN.
4: The record company was endless and when my turn came and he was so charming and so kind, my heart ached for him. Yes, I know it is their job, but how do you maintain that level of intensity and perfection in what he does with little rest?.
As the hours pass, the memory of the concert I started to look like magic again, and I feel like everything I've said before there was only one flaw in my ability to let myself be carried away by his voice. I do not know. I have a great desire to see him again.
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PostSubject: Re: Corcert in Madrid, Spain.   15th November 2011, 00:06

Rosamunda wrote:
my heart ached for him.

Rosamunda, this is exactly how I felt the moment he opened the dressing room door and smiling at me.
If it were not his signatures on the pictures I drew, I would think the whole thing was just a dream.
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PostSubject: Re: Corcert in Madrid, Spain.   2nd December 2011, 02:08

I was there too! It was a gift, and what a great one!!! I'm totally obssesed about Philippe voice. My musical background is very poor so I didn't notice those nuances, but I feel sorry for him, his natural tallent needs some rest...we don not want to exhauste him!!

I loved every minute and I am so fortunate that I am going to his next recital in La Coruña on Sunday inlove inlove
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PostSubject: Re: Corcert in Madrid, Spain.   2nd December 2011, 13:36

I'm going to La Coruna on Sunday!
As I said in another post his voice creeps me without my being able to defend myself and I see it and hear it not quenches thirst I feel to keep hearing it.
It not is a cliche, it's totally the truth: PJ produces an addiction inexplicable, half amazing, half painful.
Anyway, I am very happy because Sunday is going to sing for me! (And for Pilarppcc) happy
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PostSubject: Re: Corcert in Madrid, Spain.   

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Corcert in Madrid, Spain.
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